Richard Wilkinson is a composer for film, tv and videogames, based in Brighton on the south coast of England.

He’s written the scores to feature films Heathen and Darkest Day, along with a host of short films and television projects.

In the game world, he’s worked on videogames like Guitar Hero,  Singstar & Sony’s recent virtual reality collaboration with Chainsmokers, and has written the music for games like Supernauts, Mogees Play and Castle Creeps.


Darkest Day Soundtrack

This feature film was released in 2015, and used a gritty, indie score
with analog synths, guitars & a small number of live string overdubs
to sweeten the more melodic sections.





Every piece of music I write – whether it’s for TV, film, computer games or anything else – has some strong element of personality. I’m a big melody guy, so the hook is often a lyrical, melodic through-line – but I’m equally at home starting with a timbre or textural idea if melody isn’t the focus.

Sampling is a hobby of mine too – I’m always hunting down interesting objects and instruments to record and use in the next project.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic instrumental players and sections, and use them as frequently as projects will allow.