A relatively normal interview with the Darkest Day director, Dan Rickard

I’ve shifted the sensible/irreverent scales slightly compared to the last blog, and recorded a mostly serious interview with Dan Rickard, the director of Darkest Day. Worth seeing, if only to see briefly what Dan looks like in cartoon form.

We recorded about 40 minutes of waffle at the end of a long day, but I got something relatively coherent out of it, so thanks to Dan for being interesting enough to give me lots of usable footage!

A note on the audio – it’s a mix of on-camera sound (the bits where I’m talking) and a lovely lavalier mic from Naiant audio for Dan’s stuff. That’s why the bits where Dan talks sound much better.

Next up, I’ll try to get a soundtrack album released (digitally of course) before March, to draw a line under the Darkest Day saga and get on with some new, exciting projects!