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Castle Creeps

Castle Creeps was released a couple of weeks ago for android and ios. I had the pleasure of writing the music for it, and despite a fairly tight schedule was able to get a couple of live string players and Sam Ewens, a great trumpet player on the score. Turning around a semi-orchestral score in such a short timeframe would have been impossible only fifteen or so years ago, but I was able to do that and get some fab real players to help make it all sound a bit better – thanks to the tech of today.

I also managed to get one of the Castle Creeps themes into the trailer 🙂


The brief was orchestral, but with a playful/light edge and a medieval flavour. Alongside the standard orchestral stuff and the live players, I used some hammered dulcimer, medieval harp and lute as well as a recorder consort. Probably the most fun I had writing music in 2016! It’s had some great reviews so far, with most commenting on how polished and well-done the art & audio style is, and clocked up over 2 million downloads in the first 5 days of release. Not bad…

Here’s a suite I’ve cobbled together for the various levels:

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