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A good analysis of temp music and its effect on scores

The youtube channel Every Frame a Painting – worth a follow if you’re the slightest bit interested in film – recently took a look at the music of recent Marvel films. I agree with most of what he says – I understand the usefulness of temp in the process of building an edit, but I’ve […]

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Making Music For Trailers

I’ve been doing a huge amount of writing in the first third of 2015, and to keep me sane I’ve been bouncing around from genre to genre with promiscuous abandon. Electro-dubstep, gentle-synth bubbling corporate stuff, happy ukulele & whistling as well as the more cinematic music I wrote for feature films Heathen and Darkest Day. . […]


How I taught myself prosthetic make-up and made an underwhelming short film

Since last year’s relatively successful entry into the 48hr film competition as part of London’s Sci Fi Festival (we came 6th) I decided I wanted to have a crack in 2013. Being an egotistical maniac, I wanted to write, direct, act, edit, do visual effects, props and teach myself prosthetic makeup so I could have […]