more music

Electric Showreel

A selection of some of the more dance/synth-related projects I’ve worked on.

Acoustic Showreel

Because sometimes, you just have to go with ukulele and whistling…


Band Showreel

Loose collection of stuff I’ve worked on under the vague umbrella of ‘contains guitars’.


Heathen (feature film [2008])

The very first feature film I scored. Shot on weekends and evenings over a 2-year period by director Ross Shepherd, this was full of eerie drones and sound design, with a sprinkling of piano and strings – using what were, at the time, cutting-edge string samples!

Mogees Play (2016)

This one was a fascinating project. Mogees play uses contact microphones to turn any surface into a playable percussive instrument. We needed to design ten tracks around the idea of increasingly complex rhythms – backbeats, triplets, azonto etc. The technical limitations in what we could do in MIDI and sampling were a really interesting creative challenge, and there was a huge amount of collaboration back and forth with the code team to get things working in the best way possible.