Richard Wilkinson has written the scores to the feature-length VR Doctor Who episode ‘The Edge Of Time’, the Narcos videogame, ‘Smoke and Sacrifice’, plus feature films Darkest Day & Heathen and a host of other TV, videogame and film projects.
He takes an ‘every project is unique’ approach to music, and brings custom sounds, techniques and original ideas to each project.

Doctor Who:

The Edge of Time

A feature-length VR experience featuring Jodie Whittaker, Nick Briggs & a cast of familiar and alien faces, this was a dream gig. We used sounds from the actual TARDIS set as percussion, turned Jodie’s voice into a synth, and got as many big, musical melodies as possible into the score. From crazy sound design to lush live orchestra, it was an absolute pleasure to be given the keys to the Doctor Who universe.


Rise Of The Cartels

I worked with the wonderful team at KUJU to bring the musical world of Narcos to life, and design and integrate a music system which reacted, ebbing and flowing as the gameplay changed. With great live performances from Dave Elliott (percussion) and Al Lethbridge (ronroco, charango, cuatro) this is a folky, acoustic-led score with some electronic sprinkles and elements of noir.

Sea Life Centre


A suite of playful, diverse orchestral music written to underscore Sydney Aquarium’s new Great Barrier Reef exhibit. Following the journey the exhibit takes visitors on, past bioluminescent jellyfish, to marauding sharks and the life of a sea turtle. With a little help from the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra…

With thanks to Seeper:

Smoke & Sacrifice 

This is a gorgeous adventure game, set in a retro-future post apocalypse world. At its heart, a mother looking for her lost child , but a much bigger story unravels along the way. A pan-Asian, folky soundtrack with ambient vibes and some beautiful viola playing  from Bruce White.

Booty Quest

A mobile game with a Pirate theme – featuring some fantastic fiddle playing by Hannah fisher (Idlewild, King Creosote)

The Gruffalo River Ride, Chessington World of Adventures (2017)

The majority of this ride uses the fantastic original score by RenĂ© Aubry for the Gruffalo film, but certain sections of the ride needed specific music that couldn’t be edited from the soundtrack, so I was tasked with putting together a few tracks which would complement and augment the original soundtrack.
In collaboration with Seeper

Castle Creeps (2017 Outplay Entertainment)

A mobile tower defense game that I just managed to stop playing for long enough to write the score! Trumpet playing by the fab Sam Ewens – and strings courtesy of

Darkest Day (feature)

This feature film was released in 2015, and used a gritty, indie score with analog synths, guitars & a small number of live string overdubs to sweeten the more melodic sections.

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